Russian Visa Centers Russian Visa Centers

In order to obtain a Russian visa it is recommended to apply through the Visa Center located at: 2226 Elliott Ave, Suite # A, Seattle, WA 98121, web-site:

Visa Centers are to enhance the quality of service for foreign citizens and stateless persons who wish to obtain a visa to the Russian Federation, as well as to facilitate visa procedure. Visa Centers are located in Washington, D.C., New York, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle.

Visa Centers are designated by the Russian Consular Institutions and are fully capable of accepting and processing documents required for a Russian visa forwarding them to the Russian Consular Offices from any individuals, organizations or companies (including travel agencies). Visa Center agents can consult a client regarding filling out the visa application, required documents, processing time and other visa formalities.

The final decision to issue or refuse a Russian visa lies with the Russian Consular Institutions.

Foreign citizens have the right to apply directly to the Russian Embassy Consular Division or Consulate General of Russia to obtain a visa for themselves or for a close relative by making a prior appointment.. In addition, certain categories of applicants such as U.S. Department of State and other officials can apply directly to the Russian Consular Institutions for their employees.

As for companies and organizations, including travel agencies and others that wish to obtain a visa for customers and employees, regardless of the purpose of visit to Russia, must apply through the Visa Centers only.

The Visa Center has a service fee of $ 33.00. The service fee is separate from the Consular processing fee that is required by the Russian Consular Institutions.

If you have any complaints or comments about the Visa Center operations (poor service, long lines, etc.) you may send them to the address of the General Consulate in Seattle: 600 University st #2510 Seattle, WA 98101, or to the following email: Your questions or comments will be carefully considered for a comprehensive response.